RYUKYU 1429 Authentic Awamori

In 1429, the Ryukyu Kingdom was established by uniting the three adjacent dominant principalities by conquest.

This period of history for Okinawa is known as the "golden age of trading," during which time the Ryukyu Kingdom actively traded with China and Japan along with other Asian countries, prospered as a maritime kingdom, and even became recognized by European nations.

Ryukyu Awamori is said to have originated in the late 14th century and developed within the Ryukyu Kingdom era in the 15th century.

Awamori is a distilled rice liquor. It is not to be confused with Sake which is made from rice, but only fermented, and not distilled like Awamori. It also differs from Japanese shochu in several ways. Awamori can only have three ingredients. Water, Rice and black Koji. It is distilled only once. Shochu can contain various other ingredients, sweet potatoes, barley, even carrots, and needs to be distilled twice to clean out impurities. Black koji mold (Aspergillus awamori) indigenous to Okinawa is an essential part of the process of Awamori, it starts to break down the starches in the rice to create citric acid and sugars for fermentation, eliminating the need for a second distillation.

We make RYUKYU 1429 Authentic Ryukyu Awamori in three distinct versions. Kaze, Mizu and Tsuchi. Each version has it’s character.